Baby Swing Plastic

We have been thinking of buying a baby swing for long but there were 2 problems - one, we were not sure on how to hang it safely. Two, we felt that the swings available online are highly priced and might turn out to be a waste of money. As there was no pressing need to buy it, we just went on without it.

First problem got resolved when I saw, in a friend's house, how the swing can be safely hanged from the hook on the ceiling which is meant to take loads of fan and chandeliers. I discovered that I have one such hook vacant in my house. Around the same time I spotted, by chance, a local vendor selling baby swings on road side just near our house. The price he quoted was 400/-. The plastic looked decently strong so I thought of buying it after some negotiations. The vendor agreed to give it away at Rs 250/- which seemed reasonable so I bought it.

While hanging it, we realized that the length of rope is quite small and if we hang it on the ceiling hook the swing becomes too high for us. So we took a clothesline rope and braided three strands of it to make it very strong. Then we looped it in the ceiling hook and fastened a knot to tie both the ends. Then we hanged the swing from this loop (as shown in pic). This way we got our desired height.

Now the results - The swing turned out to be a great value for money. My daughter enjoys it a lot. She demands to be seated on it by saying "Jua-Jua" (Jhula-Jhula) and many a times her favourite teddy also gets to sit on it while she pushes the swing. :)

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