A Beautiful Parent-Child Relationship

I have grown up watching the famous TV serial "Udaan". It has remained one of my very favourite serials. Watching its DVD recently, I took notice of something which did not touch my concerns previously. Although parenting is not really the theme of this serial, yet there are some scenes which really made me think as a parent. Below are three clips from the serial, each focusing on parent-child interaction. Can we picture ourselves in the same situations and respond as authentically as shown in these clips ?

Udaan TV serial clip 1
Kalyani's (the protagonist) family is forced to leave their ancestral home. The future is uncertain for the family with no source of income ahead. In this clip, the kid Kalyani wants to take the pet with them but her relative is not letting her. They are having an argument and she asks her father to resolve it. Now that is a situation for the father - he was caught up in the drudgery of shifting home and on top of that there was this uncertain future ahead. In such a moment, the kid is asking to resolve a petty fight! But he doesn't get swept away in the pressure of other things. Even in such a tense situation, he is present in the moment - listening to his kid, answering her questions, and responding authentically to the person in that child. How many of us manage to do that?

Udaan TV serial clip 2
Father and daughter were racing happily together from the field towards home. As soon as they enter home, father crashed into the vessel of milk accidentally which gets spilled. That milk had to be sold off to market to get some money. Situation! - Father was getting late for an errand in city and at the same time he realizes that he would not be able to buy some necessary things from the city. Kalyani was looking at her parents' faces trying to understand the gravity and consequences of the situation. Father reads her expressions and he comes out of the jolt to cheer up everyone. Further to this, its interesting to see how Kalyani realises, by herself, the money problem in her house.

Udaan TV serial clip 3
Kalyani is telling a story to her younger brother. She had got influenced by the show-off and pomposity of her relative who had visited their house today. This influence was reflected in the story she was telling. The observant father catches this and wards away this unhealthy influence in a very wise and straight forward manner which leaves a deep impact on her.

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