Documents required when buying a resale house

Before buying a resale house, we need to be well informed about the various details of the resale property. Here are the important points :

Documents needed to be checked before entering into a sale agreement:

  • Mother Deed/Sale Deed - establishes the ownership of seller on title of property.

  • All previous sale deeds - to confirm the authenticity of the deal and property.

  • Katha Certificate and Extracts - for transfer of property. Katha certificate is necessary for any property owner to have.

  • Encumbrance certificate - an evidence of free title. It confirms that the property does not have any legal dues.

  • Completion Certificate - to ensure building is constructed as per approved plan.

  • Occupancy Certificate - to ensure flat is ready for occupancy and construction is done as per sanctioned plan.

  • Original payment receipts - issued by the builder or developer in favor of seller.

  • Housing Society Share Certificate - establishes seller's membership in the society.

  • NOC from the Society/Building association - To avoid any future objection by association.

  • No‐due certificate from the building association - To ensure owner has cleared all the dues & association is custodian of all original documents

  • Latest Electricity Bill - solid proof to establish the ownership of seller.

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