Sukanya Samriddhi Account in State Bank of India - Process and Documets

When I last visited SBI on 1st June, 2015, I came to know that they are opening the Sukanya Samriddhi Account. I noted down the details and applied for one. Here are the details for the same -

Sukanya Samriddhi Account Form and Documents required

You have to fill up this form and submit it in your nearest SBI branch -

Submit the following documents along with the form -

  1. Birth Certificate of Girl Child - xerox copy (original needed for verification)

  2. ID proof of parent - xerox copy (original needed for verification)

  3. Address proof of parent - xerox copy (original needed for verification)

  4. Photo of Girl Child - 4 (including 2 photos needed for opening minor savings account)

Minor Savings Account

The bank insisted on opening a new savings account (minor account) in the name of the girl child. You can open up the new minor account online on - SBI online. Few points to remember -

  • Proof of Identity and Address would be of the parent/guardian

  • Because the minor does not have a PAN card number, you will have to fill form no. 60 (online itself)

  • Some of the questions asked in Form no. 60 and answers you can give are -

    1. Particulars of transaction - Opening of Sukanya Samriddhi account

    2. Amount of transaction - 1000

Take a print out, sign and submit the form along with the documents.

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