Earnometer technical analysis plots for nifty, crude, commodity, gold

For many of us looking for simple technical analysis plots for indian stocks, commodities, derivatives etc, Earnometer is a simple website (although old and non-mobile friendly).

Quality wise, we are not sure of the technical analysis reports (as we are no experts in this), but their simple graphs have proved useful for our simple day to day needs. On earnometer, you can see trend analysis reports of nifty, crude, commodity, gold, silver etc.

Below is a sample of useful technical analysis reports available at earnometer.

Earnometer Nifty

  • Earnometer Nifty trend analysis and levels report - http://earnometer.com/nifty/nifty-level.html -- provides intraday support and resistance levels
  • Earnometer Nifty Strength Analysis - http://earnometer.com/nifty/nifty-strength.html - including advance decline ratio
  • Earnometer Nifty Future option analysis - http://earnometer.com/derivative-future-option/nifty-future-option.html

Earnometer Crude & Commdity (including gold silver)

  • Earnometer crude analysis http://earnometer.com/commodity/exchg1.html
  • Earnometer GOLD - http://earnometer.com/commodity/GOLD.html - Gold Trends and Intraday
  • Earnometer Silver - http://earnometer.com/commodity/SILVER.html - Silver Trends and Intraday
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