Cutting Your Car Fuel Bills

With today's bumper hike, the petrol now costs Rs 81.26 a liter in Bangalore. A friend's facebook status says : "filled my car's fuel tank yesterday, feeling lucky" :) True. With every trip to the petrol pump we would now feel the pinch of owning a car. Its time we start paying attention on ways to reduce our fuel bills.

Keeping in mind some points while driving can result in savings of about 10-15% on our fuel costs. Read on to find out how

  1. Fact : Speeding above 80 kph will increase the air resistance significantly and hence the fuel consumption.
    Tips : While driving at higher speeds, stay within the 80 -90 kph limit and keep the windows closed to reduce air resistance. Switch on the air conditioner instead (if required).

  2. Fact : When you are driving slowly and drag is not a major factor, turning off the air conditioning will result in significant fuel savings.
    Tips : While driving at lower speeds (or in city), keep the windows open instead of using air conditioner.

  3. Fact : Sudden acceleration and sudden braking wastes fuel.
    Tips : Instead of accelerating madly and then having to brake hard for junctions or traffic jams, try to maintain a moderate speed so you don't need to brake so much. Braking is just throwing energy away!

  4. Fact : Idling burns fuel and it takes very little extra fuel to restart a car once it's warmed up.

    Tips : Switch off the engine if you have to idle for more than 40 seconds.

  5. Fact : Under-inflated tyres put more pressure on the engine and reduce the fuel efficiency.

    Tips : Know the recommended tyre pressure for your car and get it checked whenever you go to a pump to refuel your car.

  6. Fact : A dirty air filter restricts the flow of air into the engine making it work harder and thereby increasing fuel consumption. Replacing a clogged air filter could improve your mileage by as much as 10%.

    Tips : Have your engine air filter checked at each oil change.

  7. Fact : Carrying excess weight wastes fuel.

    Tips : Clear out the junk. Check whether you really need to carry all that heavy stuff around.

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