Doordarshan TV Serial - Humlog

The enthusiasm of people around me to watch this TV serial is still fresh in my mind. Everyone would just adjust their schedule to accommodate viewing this serial. I was a small kid then and I barely remember anything about the serial so I just thought of searching it on internet in the hope of finding its DVDs on flipkart or else watching its videos on you tube. But alas!

After a lot of digging, I found out that DD doesn't have the tapes of Humlog in its library. Its shocking but true. Nobody knows where the Humlog tapes are. Here is the full story. This explains very well the absence of DVDs/videos of this serial online in a time when almost all good TV serials are available online today.

One good news though, I could find the very first episode of this serial on YouTube! Yippee! It was good to watch it after so many years! Here it is for you to enjoy!

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